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Types of Online Casino Games

Just like real casinos, online casinos usually offer a wide range of games. Unlike websites which specialise in one casino favourite, such as poker, casino websites tend to aim to encompass the wide variety of games which a physical casino would be able to offer.

In fact, because online casinos are not limited by factors such as available space, they are often able to offer a more extensive selection of games they you might usually encounter at a real casino. This is certainly one of they advantages of playing casino games on the internet.

Table Games

Even so, these games can be divided into a number of categories. Firstly, there are table games. Tables games consist of card games, dice or tile games, and random number games. Card games are certainly one of the most iconic games available in this category, and include casino classics such as blackjack or poker. Most casinos, both online and offline, will offer a number of variations on such games, many of which can be unique to that particular venue or website.

Dice/tile games are also table games, but instead of using a deck of cards for play, they focus usually on the outcomes of dice rolls or results generated by tiles, such as dominoes. Craps and Pai Gow are both examples of popular dice/tile games.

The final type of table game which is available at most casinos is random number games. The most recognisable of these games is probably roulette, whose iconic spinning wheel has become somewhat synonymous with the glamorous image of the casino. In most random number table games, players are required to place a bet on particular number, type of number or colour, one of which is then generated at random. Winnings are calculated according to the probability of any given bet occurring.

Non-table Games

Casino websites also host a number of non-table games, the majority of which tend to be gaming machines. These are the games that, if they were played in an offline bricks-and-mortar casino, would be played on a machine that is not operated by a croupier. Of course, all online casino games do, technically, function this way, but many traditional gaming machine games are still available on casino websites.

The gaming machine which many people are most familiar with is the slot machine. Slot machines spin three or more wheels in order to generate a sequence of symbols, and different sequences produce different payout amounts. Much like the majority of casino games, there are a number of variations on such machines. Websites such as offer an extensive range of slots, many of which are themed towards recent popular movie and video game releases.

Lastly, there are some non-table games which are also classed as random number casino games. The most common of these games are bingo and keno, both of which require some form of generator to provide a series of random numbers, which are then revealed multiple participants. Such games are purely based on luck, although again, there are a number of variations available, especially on the web.